February 5, Sunday

jasminThe AMI QT Devotionals for February 4-5 are provided Jasmin Izumikawa.  She is a member of the Church of Southland and is currently a high school teacher. She has lived the miracle of healing through the prayers of her AMI church family through her battle with lymphoma.


Psalm 77:19   Your way was in the sea and Your paths in the mighty waters.

5Recently, our drought in California had been broken for a few gloriously rainy days. As nice as it was to have the rain, driving on the road was dangerous. Roads were flooded and my windshield wipers were not doing much to clear my view from the penetrating rain.  Larger vehicles would splash waves of water onto my windshield, blocking my vision for a few seconds at a time. It felt like being in a carwash but at 45 miles an hour!  It occurred to me that the most frightening thing about driving in the rain was not so much sliding around but the lack of peripheral vision around me.

Sometimes, when we do not have excuses or complaints to hide behind anymore, and the only way out is through the stormy sea, we begin to learn how to trust in the LORD. Maybe you can relate to this now in your job, relationship, or lack thereof that has you feeling doubtful of God’s favor or direction in your life.

Is there someone you need to forgive and show grace to at this time? Perhaps we need to start by asking, What is the LORD strengthening me to do now? LORD, will you give me eyes to see Your handiwork today? What will you show me today?  Wherever we are, let us not lose sight of where God leads us this year.

Your way was in the sea

And Your paths in the mighty waters,

And Your footprints may not be known. . ..

You led Your people like a flock

By the hand of Moses and Aaron

(Ps. 77:19-20).

Prayer: LORD, Your way sometimes looks like a challenging journey, but I know Your way is right—Your way is forgiveness, humility, grace, and hope. Give me sight to see where You want to lead me. I place my trust and faith in You, LORD. Amen.

Bible Reading for Today: Judges 13-14

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