March 1, Wednesday

REPOST Today’s AMI QT Devotional, provided by Pastor Doug Tritton, was first posted on May 4, 2016.  A graduate of University of Pennsylvania (BA) and Gordon Conwell Seminary (M.Div.), Doug is the Lead Pastor of Grace Covenant Church Philadelphia.

Devotional Thought for This Morning

“As You Wish”

Acts 22:8-10

“‘Who are you, Lord?’ I asked. ‘I am Jesus of Nazareth, whom you are persecuting,’ he replied. My companions saw the light, but they did not understand the voice of him who was speaking to me. ‘What shall I do, Lord?’ I asked. ‘Get up,’ the Lord said, ‘and go into Damascus. There you will be told all that you have been assigned to do.’”

In the movie The Princess Bride, the male protagonist Westley is in love with the female protagonist Buttercup. Whenever Buttercup asks Westley to do anything, his immediate response is: “as you wish”; this line becomes a theme throughout the story as Westley shows his devotion and love to Buttercup.

Though Paul does not say “as you wish” to Jesus in this testimony Paul is sharing, he does say something that expresses a similar attitude: Paul asks, “What shall I do, Lord?” Just like “as you wish,” this line expresses devotion and a desire to please the other. Paul was basically saying to the Lord, “Have Your way with my life.”

Ultimately, these two expressions “as you wish” and “What shall I do, Lord?” express obedience – an obedience and commitment to the one being spoken to. And obedience is ultimately a reflection of love: 1 John 5:3 says, “For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments. And his commandments are not burdensome.” You cannot love God but not be obedient—that’s a contradiction.

In your own life, are you feeling a lack of love for God? Or perhaps dryness in your faith? Check your obedience, your willingness to say “as you wish” to God when He speaks to You. Oftentimes our love runs dry when we say “as I wish” instead of “as You wish” to God. Perhaps there is no day better than today to say to God “as you wish.”

Prayer: What shall I do, Lord? Today, help me to hear Your voice and follow You as You lead me. Give me the strength to say “as you wish” and to be obedient to all Your ways. Forgive me for my disobedience and have Your way in me. Amen.

Bible Reading for Today: Nehemiah 2

Lunch Break Study 

Read 1 John 5:2-3: By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and obey his commandments. For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments. And his commandments are not burdensome.

Questions to Consider

  1. According to this passage, what does it mean to love God?
  2. Why does John mention that God’s commands should not be burdensome?
  3. What areas of disobedience do you need to bring to God today?


  1. According to John in this passage, loving God means obeying His commands. Though loving God is not only about obeying His commands, but we can easily tell if we do not love God if we are not obeying Him.
  2. Love gives no room for bitterness. But when we allow God’s commands to become burdensome, bitterness sets in. Eventually, though we may be “obedient” to the letter of the law, our hearts will drift from God. This is what legalism is: when we obey commands without love.
  3. Has God been calling you to do something that you have pushed off, or something you have said to God, “Not now”? Perhaps write these things down and ask God for the strength to say “yes” to Him today.

Evening Reflection

Reflect back on your obedience today. Were you saying “as you wish” or “as I wish”? Repent of the ways you have been disobedient and ask God for strength to always say.

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