July 6, Wednesday

REPOST Today’s AMI QT Devotional, written by Pastor David Kwon of Journey Community Church in Raleigh, was originally posted on May 11, 2016.  He is a graduate of Drexel University (B.S.) and Columbia International University (M.Div.).

Devotional Thought for This Morning

“A Sense of Urgency”

Acts 24:22-24

But Felix, having a rather accurate knowledge of the Way, put them off, saying, “When Lysias the tribune comes down, I will decide your case.” 23 Then he gave orders to the centurion that he should be kept in custody but have some liberty, and that none of his friends should be prevented from attending to his needs. 24 After some days Felix came with his wife Drusilla, who was Jewish, and he sent for Paul and heard him speak about faith in Christ Jesus.

One of the most popular team-building group games today is called “escape room.”  An escape room is an adventure game in which players are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit.  What makes this experience exhilarating and stressful is that there is a sense of urgency to finish before time runs out.  As the players are frantically trying to find a way of out the room, the participants are scrambling, yelling, and in a hurry before it becomes too late.  

The apostle Paul always had a sense of urgency when it came to sharing Christ.  He never wasted an opportunity to share about his Savior’s great love and wonderful salvation.  Even as he was under trial and in prison, he took the opportunity to be a witness to Governor Felix by sharing his faith (v. 24).  He did not know whether he would be let go or killed, but regardless of his circumstances, Paul always lived life with sense of urgency to preach the gospel.  It is evident as we read today’s text.

Do you live with a sense of urgency for Jesus?  Do you see a world that desperately needs to know the love of Christ because of the reality of eternal judgment?  Paul did, and as believers we should also be challenged to live with that kind of mindset as well.   

As we examine our lives, maybe we have been too consumed with our own lives and agendas that it has dulled our sense of urgency for the gospel.   Take some time to pray this morning, and ask the Lord to bring conviction and change.  

Bible Reading for Today: Romans 3

Lunch Break Study

Read 2 Peter 3:8-10: But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, anda thousand years as one day.The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promiseas some count slowness, butis patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, butthat all should reach repentance.10 Butthe day of the Lord will come like a thief, and thenthe heavens will pass away with a roar, andthe heavenly bodieswill be burned up and dissolved, and the earth and the works that are done on it will be exposed. 

Questions to Consider 

  1. What does Peter teach us about the Lord’s timing?
  2. How should the reality of the “Day of the Lord” give us a sense of urgency in our lives?
  3. How does this passage show us how we should live?


  1. Peter is reminding us that the Lord’s timing is not like ours.  He is in control of all time and space, and when it comes to the “Day of the Lord” (translated “Day of Judgment”), He is patient because He desires all to come to repentance and salvation
  2. We simply do not know when Jesus will return or when our lives will end.  It should give us an eternal perspective when it comes to viewing our own lives, and also give us urgency for others to know Him.
  3. We should not only just be concerned with temporary, earthly concerns, but rather seek His kingdom first.  We also are called to live with urgency and boldness.   

Evening Reflection

What has the Lord reminded you of today?  In prayer, ask for greater surrender and joy as we continue to live for Him. 

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