September 4, Saturday

REPOST Today’s Spiritual Food for Thought, provided by Pastor Ryun Chang (AMI Teaching Pastor), was first posted on January 4, 2014.

Spiritual Food for Thought for the Weekend

“What Jesus Says to You May Shock You”

John 6:66

“From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him.” 

A very uncomfortable truth is presented in John 6.  It involves people who are referred to as “disciples” (Jn. 6:61) and they certainly looked really good on paper.  They spent three days with Jesus (Matt. 15:32; Jn. 6:10-1), seemingly hanging onto his every word.  After seeing the miracle of feeding thousands of people with a few pieces of bread and fish, they “voted” to make Jesus their king (Jn. 6:15).  Early next morning, “they got into the boats and went . . . in search of Jesus” (Jn. 6:24).  We see here all the earmarks of dedicated disciples—so it seemed.

What’s so disturbing is what Jesus ended up saying about them.   The trouble began when Christ told something that did not interest these people, who, feeling hungry, had returned for more free food (Jn. 6:26).  What did he say?  He took what bread represents (staple food) and gave it a new, spiritual meaning:  “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry. . . . Everyone who . . . believes in him shall have eternal life” (Jn. 6:35a, 40b).  In no uncertain terms, Christ made his identity and mission quite clear here:  “I’m what you need in order to be made whole permanently and have true life.  I’m not a military Messiah to usher in a political kingdom (on behalf of the Jews), but a suffering One who will die for your sins.”  Not interested, they left Jesus thereafter.

We also want a Jesus who can help us reach our American dream than address our spiritual needs. To those who held on to the Jewish dream, Jesus said, “You have seen me and still you do not believe” (Jn. 6:36).  If we don’t believe, then, despite all our millions, we are going to die in our sins and end up in Christless eternity, otherwise known as hell.   

Most people who read the AMI QT are probably believers yet struggle with their priorities.  Are you one of them?  Then get on your knees and repent like this . . . 

Prayer: “Christ, I have treated you as one of my means to reach my end; Lord, do whatever it takes to make you the ultimate priority in my life.  Amen.”  

Bible Reading for Today: Matthew 14-15

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