March 28, Saturday

Today’s Spiritual Food for Thought, written by Pastor Sam Lee who leads Catalyst Agape Church in Northern New Jersey, was first posted on October 9, 2013. 


Spiritual Food for Thought for the Weekend

“Connection with God”

Luke 10:40-42

But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made. She came to him and asked, “Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me!” “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” 

It is important to be committed to building our personal prayer life. This is the reason we are still on the topic of prayer. If you want a healthy body, there needs to be consistency in healthy living. Likewise, if you want a healthy prayer life, you have to work on consistency.

Martha chose to serve instead of choosing to connect (i.e., intimate, close relationship with the Lord). It took me a long time to learn that connection with God is not the same thing as serving in ministry for Christ. If our service is not from connection, we will have similar reactions as those of Martha; we will get upset and get angry at the people close to us and even get angry at Jesus by saying, “Lord, don’t you care?” 

Are things bothering you? Are you getting upset at people around you? Let’s take some time to connect with and abide in Christ. It is not His will that we serve out of brokenness or hurt, for He cares about our heart. He cares about what is inside of the cup more than what is on the outside. We can put much effort cleaning the wrong things, which was Martha’s focus. 

In your connection today, give Him all your bitterness and judgmental attitudes toward others. Take time to receive and release forgiveness in your prayer time. What Jesus wants to do in the house of our hearts is more important than what we can do in our service for Him.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, help me to forgive those toward whom I feel bitter.  Lord, help me to forgive that one person in my life whom I just cannot seem to forgive.  Powerfully remind me of your forgiveness of my unpayable debt. Fill me with the Holy Spirit that I may forgive.  Amen. 

Bible Reading for Today: Isaiah 61-62

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