August 25, Sunday

Today’s blog is written by Pastor Ryun Chang. 


Spiritual Food for Thought for the Weekend

“Can Anything Practical Come out of the Trinity? (2)

John 3:35

“The Father loves the Son and has placed everything in His hands.”

I began talking about the book The Shack in yesterday’s blog.  My focus was on how the Trinity is presented in this novel based on a true story of a grieving father’s spiritual journey after the murder of his youngest daughter.  Today, let’s focus on the theme of unity in the book.  

God the Father, represented by an Aunt Jemima-like African-American woman (who says about herself, “I am neither male nor female but a Spirit”) told Mack the protagonist, “Don’t ever think that what the son chose to do didn’t cost us dearly.  Love always leaves a significant mark . . . We were there together.”  Confused, Mack responded, “I thought you left him—you know—‘My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” to which the Father explained, “Regardless of what he felt at that moment, I never left him.”  While the Father placed everything in the hands of Jesus, He never left the Son, especially when he was hung on the cross. 

Another poignant reminder of the unity of the Trinity was when the Holy Spirit, represented by an Asian woman, said to Mack, “Remember our conversation earlier about limitation.”  This puzzled Mack because he had that conversation with the Father, not with the Holy Spirit. Thus, the Holy Spirit gently reminded him, “You can’t share with one and not share with us all.”  

I thought that was beauty-fully stated: The Three Persons are perfectly united in purpose and unity!  When you speak to One, you’re speaking to the other Two. This, then, is the relationship model that ought to inspire us to strive after, beginning with our family and church. 

Bible Reading for Today: Acts 16

Prayer: Heavenly Father, empower me to be one in purpose, in Christ, with the members of my family, both physical and spiritual.  Lord, help me to be less selfish and more caring. Inspire me to imitate the ways of the Trinity, in unity and in intimacy. Amen.

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