March 10, Sunday

Spiritual Food for Thought for the Weekend

“Retiring Old Wonders”

Exodus 10:14b

“Never before had there been such a plague of locusts, nor will there ever be again.”

Along with many other children in the United States, I believed in the Tooth Fairy growing up. My parents kept up the ruse by making sure the “Tooth Fairy” left money for both me and my brother whenever we lost a tooth. I tried several times to trick her with an old tooth under my pillow, sometimes with a day or a week in-between. Somehow, she always seemed to know when it was an old tooth, and I would wake up the next morning disappointed.

On a more “grown-up” (but no less foolish) level, I have often asked God to give me the same old things based on prior experience. Could He also save me the way He did before on a final exam? Can He miraculously give me a job the way He did before? Can He provide the same kind of breakthrough as He did the last church retreat? The list goes on…

Unlike the problem with the Tooth Fairy, the problem with asking God for the same old things is not that I exhaust God’s ability to deliver, but that I settle for my limited understanding of what He is able to do. If we only ask God to repeat what He has done in the past, we will never learn new things about His power and provision. We will grow familiar and numb to His wonders. This is why certain miracles and works will not be repeated; they fulfilled their purposes in what they taught us about God, and now there will be new things to look forward to.

Brothers and sisters, our God is unfathomably powerful and glorious. We have not grasped the full extent of what He is able to do, nor should we expect to know all He wants to do. Before we launch into our petitions and requests today, let’s ask Him to fill us with expectation that He is able to do more than we can imagine. When we believe and trust that He has more to show us, we will find our understanding of Him expanded. We will no longer keep searching for the things that we have seen before but will trustingly look forward to new things.

Prayer: Father, Your ideas are always better than my ideas. I want to surrender my assumption of what You can or should do. Give me a heart that desires solutions that will glorify You the most. Help me not to settle for yesterday’s wonders but that I would look forward to what new things You can bring tomorrow. Amen.

Bible Reading for Today: Acts 1

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