September 22, Saturday

Today’s AMI Quiet Time is written by Claudia Robbie who serves at Journey Church of Atlanta.

Devotional Thoughts for Today

Matthew 20:28

Even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.

For a while, the Lord has been challenging my idea of servanthood and humility. “I’m older, I’m a leader, I disciple these people, I have kids, I’m tired ….” are reasons I give God when I am confronted to serve in a way that I think is beneath my scope. I can get frustrated when others don’t serve, especially when there is a need. But God has been asking me: “Are you the first to serve when there is a need? Are you a servant or a leader?”

I know I am a servant, but in this season, God has been working in my heart and bringing me to another degree of glory where He has freed me from lifelong lies.  He is bringing me to repentance of long forgotten sins, and I realize just how much of my time and mind is taken with ME (my anxieties, desires, hopes, boundaries, etc.).  But it ceased being about ME when I said yes to God and I am experiencing this next layer now.

He wants a servant’s heart, not just acts of service so I can get some imaginary merit badge. It’s not just in discipleship, administration, teaching, or counseling (my roles and responsibilities as a leader). I am called to be a servant where there is need, in or outside my church, teaching from the front or on my knees scrubbing a toilet, in public or private, whether someone else has a servant heart or not. Because what floors me about Jesus is that He served me to His death when I was His enemy.

What would it do for those I lead if they see me spent to the end for Jesus, not just in the front or at the top but in the lowly and despised things? What would it do for my heart as a leader if I were the first to clean a toilet or take out the trash? Would it keep my heart tender, soft, and humble before God? Maybe a servant’s heart is God’s protection against pride and self sufficiency for me as I lead.

I am not advocating or suggesting doing more to do more. But we should ask ourselves, Is my heart in a posture of humility and servanthood that I can hear God when He whispers that it is my turn to serve and love with the lowliest of things. Am I free enough from my dreams, desires, agendas, and hopes (even in ministry) that I can hear when God says, “I want you to take out the trash today”?

What is God saying to the servant’s heart He is cultivating in you today?

Prayer: In our busy lives, Father, we become deaf to You. We believe it’s about position, responsibilities, and capabilities, but it’s about You reclaiming us. Teach us to be servants in all that we do as we listen for Your leading.  Amen.

Bible Reading for Today: Job 36-37

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