December 23, Saturday

The AMI QT Devotionals from December 17 to 24 are provided by Pastor Yohan Lee of Remnant Church, New York City. Yohan graduated from University of Pennsylvania and Cairn University, where he studied theology. He is married to Mandie, and they have four adorable children.



Devotional Thoughts for Today

“God Remembers”

Genesis 30: 22

Then God remembered Rachel, and God listened to her and opened her womb.

Christmas, which is, of course, the day we celebrate the incarnation of our Lord and Savior, is only two days away. For most families, this is a time to enjoy one another, and for most children, it’s a day when many wishes become reality. In our household—at least for one four-year-old— Christmas is going to be a day of reckoning, and perhaps utter disappointment. You see, about six months ago, whenever we’d go out on errands to places like Target, my youngest son Jon would find junk that interested him and would ask us to buy it for him. Now a good parent would simply say no, and deal with the ensuing tantrum until the child has learned not to react so childishly. However, my wife and I aren’t always good parents, so instead of just saying no, we’ve developed the habit of saying, “Maybe we’ll get that for your birthday or Christmas.” After a few times, Jon’s picked up on this and just asks at stores, “Can we get this for my next birthday or Christmas?”

As Christmas approaches, a small part of me is a little nervous that after all the presents are opened, Jon will look at me and my wife and say something like, “Dude, you forgot the battery-operated Captain America fan that comes with a tube of M&Ms that we saw at Cracker Barrel! Remember, you said you were gonna get that for me for Christmas!” You see, we were kind of banking that Jon wouldn’t remember all or any of his inane requests over the last six months. But what if he does? Christmas would be ruined!!! (Are you sensing my sarcasm?)

For people, memory can be a funny and torturous thing: Things we want to forget are often blazed into the center of our psyche, while things we desperately want to remember, we can’t help but to forget. Sometimes memory can be used to hold us hostage (like if Jon remembers anything) or bring relief (like if he forgets). Then there is God, who only chooses to “forget” things like our transgressions, and remembers everything—from our fleeting whims to our deepest desires. Do you think Rachel, after watching 10 sons be born to her husband by three different women, had lost all hope for having her own children? Do you think she felt forgotten by God? What happened? God remembered her deepest longing, and when the time was right, gave her Joseph. Are there times you feel forgotten by God? Don’t fret—God always remembers. Have the courage to hope in your compassionate and loving Heavenly Father!

Prayer: Lord, I’ve been praying for ________ for ______ years. Remind me that You are a God who never forgets. You have numbered every hair on my head. Help me this day to trust in Your goodness, love, and compassion again. Give me courage to wait on Your plan and serenity to accept it, no matter what. Amen.

Bible Reading for Today:  1 Corinthians 5-6

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