November 13, Sunday

Note: The AMI QT devotionals from November 7-12 are provided by Cami King. Cami, a graduate of University of Pennsylvania, is about to complete her M.Div. at Gordon Conwell Seminary. She is currently serving as a staff at Journey Community Church in Raleigh.

Devotional Thought for Today

Hebrews 8:12-13
 For I will be merciful to their iniquities, And I will remember their sins no more.” 13 When He said, “A new covenant,” He has made the first obsolete. But whatever is becoming obsolete and growing old is ready to disappear.

13A little boy was visiting his grandparents and given his first slingshot. He practiced in the woods, but he could never hit his target. As he came back to Grandma’s back yard, he spied her pet duck. On an impulse, he took aim and let fly. The stone hit, and the duck fell dead. The boy panicked. Desperately he hid the dead duck in the woodpile, only to look up and see his sister watching. Sally had seen it all, but she said nothing.

After lunch that day, Grandma said, “Sally, let’s wash the dishes.” But Sally said, “Johnny told me he wanted to help in the kitchen today. Didn’t you, Johnny?” And she whispered to him, “Remember the duck!” So Johnny did the dishes.

Later, when Grandpa asked if the children wanted to go fishing, Grandma said, “I’m sorry, but I need Sally to help make supper.” Sally smiled and said, “That’s all taken care of. Johnny wants to do it.” Again she whispered, “Remember the duck.” Johnny stayed while Sally went fishing. After several days of Johnny doing both his chores and Sally’s, finally he couldn’t stand it. He confessed to Grandma that he’d killed the duck. “I know, Johnny,” she said, giving him a hug. “I was standing at the window and saw the whole thing. Because I love you, I forgave you. I wondered how long you would let Sally make a slave of you.” (Pastor Steven Cole)

Our passage for today reminds us that God (because of Jesus) chooses not to remember our sins, but a more important question is, do we? Many of us allow the Enemy and our own hearts to hold us hostage to the wrongs we’ve done. We hear that voice inside, reminding us of the things we’ve done and making it hard for us to believe change is possible. But 1 John 1:9 promises us that “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”

Furthermore, 2 Corinthians 7:21 says, “For the sorrow that is according to the will of God produces a repentance without regret, leading to salvation, but the sorrow of the world produces death.” Our sins should bring us great sorrow, but not the kind that holds us hostage to guilt, shame, and regret. Instead it should produce a sorrow that leads us running to the throne of God, to receive forgiveness and salvation that Jesus made readily available for us. Where there is lingering regret, we have to wonder if we’ve yet turned to God, confessed our sins and received in faith (in what Jesus has done for us) His forgiveness and the power to live anew.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, as I worship You on this Lord’s Day, help me to do so with full persuasion that I am forgiven and accepted by You. I confess to You that I have sinned by [confess your sins to the Lord]. Please forgive me. Help me to live now in freedom from condemnation and the in newness of life. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Bible Reading for Today: Colossians 4

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